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Filma Me Titra Shqip
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Filma Me Perkthim Shqip

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Friday, October 30, 2009

12 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

I’ve been doing a bit of digging through my bookmarks in my Google Chrome web browser, and I’ve noticed that I’ve bookmarked about twenty resourceful links to help monetize a website in particular, and I thought to my self, why not make a blog post out of it? Sure why not. So, out of that twenty sites that I bookmarked, I picked 11 I thought were important and so, I would like to share.

Opinion Outpost – Opinion Outpost is one of the legitimate survey panels out there that actually paid good for survey takers. Expect $1-$10 per survey. Time it takes per surveys ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. Best of all, it is free.
Synovate – Synovate is a panel worth joining. Fast payments with great compensation.
Ipsos I-say – Ipsos I-say is also one of the better free paid survey panels out there as well. Get our free complimentary list of the free survey panels here.
MySurvey – A well organized group that simply pays for your opinion as well. Has been known to be one of the most legitimate panels out there.
Google Adsense – Google’s publisher’s program is one of the better incentivized program out there that pays probably the most in the PPC market.
Chitika – Chitika is probably known as the second best PPC program right after Google’s publisher program, Adsense.
Clickbank – Clickbank is simply a must for any serious affiliate marketer. This is a must for any serious Internet marketer as well.
Shareasale – Shareasale is one of the better affiliate networks that simply pay publishers to do the required action. Whether it be per sale, per lead, or per click, they deliver your money.
Associated Content – Have a thing for writing? Make it profitable. Build up a community of readers and get paid per impression/article.
Ebay – Everyone probably have already heard of Ebay. Simply auction off merchandises or stuff you keep in your storage to make some extra money.
ProStores – Start your own ecommerce site and start selling your products online. Make it an extra source of revenue and make your store international for the world to see.
Google Adwords – Adwords, the potential lead magnet in terms of generating sales, you can be making money off leads from Google’s advertising program, Adwords, if you got a great webpage that converts of course.
Try each method one after another. If you find one that fits your personel, simply continue doing it, and you could be making money online instantly. Experienced any one of these programs listed above? Share your stories and your experiences with us. We enjoy hearing them!

Consider Logo Designing

There are plenty of opportunities to make money with just logo designing alone if you are a professional logo designer of course. Cash rewards can sum up to just $50 to even $1,000 per contest, however, there can be some really hefty competition ahead. One word of advice from me is that new launched business companies simply love simplicity and nothing that hurts the eye literally. Keep it simple and focus on your best work yet, because logo designing is all about the look and feel of your work to it’s last pixel. Don’t overdo it, it can really turn business owners off.

Some great free to join networks to consider logo designing are crowdSPRING and99Designs. Both absolutely free to join of course.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Quick Money Making Ideas

Money making is always a concern for anyone who wants to live a normal life without having any limitations. Ideas for money making can come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and here, I’d like to illustrate just 5 ideas. There are of course more than 5, but bare with me. You may also suggest your money making ideas as well on the comment form below.

Start a Joint Venture

Whats a joint venture? A joint venture is the business term that people commonly use when they are talking about a partnership that have combined thinkers to prospectively progress their business altogether. In most cases, joint ventures are formed simply because there may be some qualities that other businesses may have, that you do not, which both businesses can benefit from, like the Microsoft and Yahoo partnership against Google.

Start Your Own Network

Ever thought of starting your own network of affiliates? This prove to be a very resourceful method of getting constant income without having to do anything literally, if your network is already built and is reputable. The hardest part of starting your own network is the initial start. Once you pass that, and affiliates start joining your network, that is where the money comes pouring in. This is sort of like a long term business plan, but nonetheless, it can be very effective in terms of money making.

Construct Your Own Website

Online money making cannot be any easier. With all the networks and advertisers wanting to advertise on any relatively good site that has great content to offer, you can be literally making money after the first couple of weeks. Although making a website may be repetitive and tedious at first, (Coding) it can really pay off. New to making a website? Read our article on How to Make a Website and Make Money Off It.

Create a Community

Although, this may be somewhat the same as Constructing Your Own Website, starting your very own community can be both profitable and helpful despite what people may say. There are many paths you can choose to starting your own online community. With forums, with social networks, blogs, and video sharing networks like Youtube, the possibilities are endless. One thing to note is that, community building should be your first priority before ever offering affiliates offers. Over promoting can be rather bad.

Make Money Off Craigslist

Start making money with the world’s number one free classified ad network. Craigslist is particularly every freelancers dream. There are plenty of legitimate companies waiting for respondents to fill their duties, and they are willing to pay at a standard rate too. Not only can you profit from their job board, but you can also make money off the free stuff as well. About every now and then, you might see something go up for free, a couch, a tire, a car door, whatever, it is money in your eyes, and you can resell it for a small sum. Companies are even willing to pay for metal parts, so don’t count out the worn down, beat up car door, because it can be like finding an extra $50 off the ground.

A lot of company liquidations happens there too, which can be very profitable as well when resold. Freshen it, repaint it, add some parts, and it is practically good to go, and if I should say, it is good for the environment as well.

Make Money Online With

Mineed is somewhat relatively new. Simply what is, is a simple place where job hunters and people who needs tasks done come together to negotiate a price that is both fair for both sides for doing a task, such as, planning a wedding, web designing, logo designing, whatever. Posting an ad offering a job to job seekers is absolutely free. Since there will of course be competition, the bid that is the cheapest usually wins the job unless you prove otherwise with your splendid reputation like in any other job board. This system of finding jobs really reminds me of Ebay, and I like the concept. Overall it is a great place to find jobs of your expertise, and signing up is absolutely free so you got nothing to lose.

Make Money Online Scams

While searching for make money on the internet, you can see lot ofonline scams. Online dating scam, email scam, lottery scam are some common internet scams. Besides many of easy money programs are different type of online scams. There is no doubt that on the internet it is increasingly hard to list up legitimate online work from home job opportunities and lot of internet frauds around the web.

Are you have a doubt about how to make money online avoiding scam? Actually t is not easy topic sound like and many of these frauds are not yet exposed. No any best ways to make money avoiding cyber frauds. But here's some useful information to recognize most easy money scams on the Internet.Scammers are everywhere on the internet. Because of this you must consider about your security. Some time you will receive a email about win an lottery. It is a one of online scam type. If you try to find a ways to make money many online scammers are promise the opportunity to earn money fast with very little effort. They’re normally full of enticements such as "make money online", “Work from home”, “Work only hours a week”, “Start your own boss”, etc.

People are more likely to fall victim to the scams because of financial difficulty. Here are descriptions of the most common types of online business that should help you recognize trouble.

Google Adwords/ Adsense Scam
Google adsene is not a scam. It is a real money making opportunity on the internet. But you can find many "Adsense secrets" websites and e books, Adsense high paying keywords list and many other scams related to Adsense. Truth is anyone can earn with Adsense. Adsense secrets, high paying keywords are Adsense related internet frauds and there are no secrets in Google AdSense. AdSense information is freely available online and you can get a lot of information without any cost. Don't fall victim to click fraud or related scams.

Online Paid Surveys Scam
Online Paid Surveys Legal or Just Another Scam? Research companies have been paying consumers to participate with their surveys. Many online paid surveys are now conducting legit research. You really can make money with few Paid Survey sites. You can receive your payments by paypal or any other way. But there are many sites that are scams, you will never receive payments from them .

Think twice before submitting your personal information to any paid surveys site that does not provide a clear privacy policy. Also read disclaimers, terms, conditions and any other. Avoid sites that don't answer your questions in a satisfactory manner. Be wary of conducting business with sites that list only email address or PO box addresses.

Affiliate Marketing Scam

Affiliate marketing is a system of advertising another company's ads on your website and the company will pay you a percentage of any sales generated by people clicking on the ads.

Finding the best affiliate programs for you may take some time. But you can find some popular affiliate programs on the Internet. Amazon affiliate program, eBay, Clickbank and Link Share are several programs you can trust. You can use these programs for make money without scams.

How to Make Money Online without Scams
Online frauds like email scams, dating scams or lottery scams many people are fall down with make money on the internet. How amenability you divulge the make money online scams from the legitimate money making programs? You can check their privacy policy and you can just run a search on the Internet and see whether this company is registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau). Also you can report online scams to them. It will help to get protection for others.

Be aware that some of the programs you see advertised may be operated by scammers who are promising you a great income opportunity when all they are looking for is a way to take your money or steal your personal information.

The truth about make money online business is that you need to put a lot of hours in to make it work. The online scams described above are some of the most common types of Internet frauds.